Muscat Ottonel 2015

Tikveshiya Vineyard Region, Demir Kapija

Varietals composition:
100% Muscat Ottonel

Flavour descriptors:

Muscat Ottonel is an excellent white wine with a gentle yellow color with greenish nuances. It boasts intense aromas of Muscat, orange peel, violet and acacia flower. The taste is balanced and delicate with honey notes of exotic backdrop. The fresh acids create an impression of pleasant playfulness in the mouth.


Food pairing:
We recommend to be consumed at 10-12°C as an aperitif or in combination with white meats, spicy Indian food, piquant Turkish meals and young yellow cheese. It pairs exceptionally well with cream and fruit desserts, but also with ice cream.

Wine analysis:
Total acid: 5,5 g/l
Residual sugar: 1 g/l
Alcohol: 12.5% by volume

After the moderate temperatures in February, the spring and the beginning of the summer were characterized with lower temperatures than the usual for the Tikveshiya region. However, in the second half of the summer we had enough sun and warmth which enabled the normal ripening of the grapes. The rainy weather during September led to a rather late harvest. The harvest took place in the moment of the technological ripeness of the grape, when the sugar and the acids are most balanced. The grapes were hand harvested and picked very early in the morning and late in the evening when the temperature is low in order to preserve the aromas.


  • Chilling the grapes
  • The fruit is crushed and destemmed while preserving the temperature below 12°C
  • Pressing
  • Must clarification
  • Fermentation while controlling the temperature
  • Fermentation is stopped with cold when sugar level reaches 10 grams per litter
  • Processes of stabilizing and fining