Stanushina Blanc 2013

StanushinaTikveshiya Vineyard Region, Demir Kapija

Varietals composition: 100% Stanushina


Flavour descriptors:

For the first time in the world history of wine making it occurs that a type of white wine is produced from probably one of the oldest grape variety - Stanushina.  Not only that it is unique and rare, Stanushina Blanc 2013 is a phenomenal wine with a rich and complex aroma in which you can feel notes of white spring flowers and hyacinth, enriched with the aroma of white cherry and orange peel. The taste of this wine is a combination of sweet candy notes, complemented by the flavours of wild peach. This is an extraordinary fresh wine with rich body and long lasting aftertaste. 
Food pairing:
It is best served at a temperature of 10-12°C in combination with fresh salads, light cheeses, pasta and chicken.
Wine analysis:
Total acid: 5.3 g/l
Residual sugar: 1.0 g/l
Alcohol: 11% by volume
A warm spring followed a moderately rainy winter, giving an early start to the growing season. The rainfall was in normal amount and equally dispersed throughout the year. These conditions, which continued through most of the harvest season, fostered high-quality grapes and set a relatively easy pace for the vineyard and winemakers. The Stanushina grapes were hand harvested from vineyards on 600 meters altitude above sea level in the middle of October.