VranecVranec Perfect Choice 2013

Tikveshiya Wine Region, Demir Kapija

Varietals composition: 100% Vranec

Flavour descriptors:
This extraordinary wine Vranec Perfect Choice is a sublimation of tradition and modern, combination of the highest quality grapes and the latest, special technology. It is deep ruby-coloured with sweet ripe cherry and blueberry aromas. The taste is rich and versatile, with full and long lingering finish. Аged at least 6 months in four different types of oak barrels, this wine represents a true classic of excellence! Decantation is recommended 20 minutes before consumption. Always, an exceptional choice!

Food pairing:

It goes exceptionally well combined with wild game, but we also recommend the combination with dark chocolate.

Wine analysis:
Total acid: 6,1 g/lit
Residual sugar: 2,2 g/lit
Alcohol: 14% by volume

A warm spring followed a moderately rainy winter, giving an early start to the  growing season. The rainfall was in normal amount and equally dispersed throughout the year. These conditions, which continued through most of the harvest season, fostered high-quality grapes and set a relatively easy pace for the vineyard and winemakers. The grapes are picked end of October, late harvest, with 10-15% dried grape bunches. The grape is harvested in late cooler night hours, hand picked and then collected in wooden crates.

  • The fruit is crushed
  • 48 hours cold maceration on 15°C to soften tannins
  • 10 days fermentation at 23-25°C during which complete “remontage” is conducted twice
  • Malolactic fermentation to fine tune acids and textural balance
  • Still fermentation in tanks for 5 months
  • Fining, stabilization and bottling
  • The wine is aged in bottles for 1 year before release 
  • Golden medal for Vranec Perfect Choice 2005 - Wine Fair Split 2009
  • Golden medal for Vranec Perfect Choice 2005 - Wine Festival Vinoskop Skopje 2008
  • Silver medal for Vranec Perfect Choice 2005 - Royal Wine Challenge Belgrade 2009
  • Silver medal -Vranec Perfect Choice 2005 -Novi Sad Wine Fair 2009