VrVranecanec Reserve 2013

Tikveshiya Vineyard Region, Demir Kapija

Varietals composition: 100% Vranec

Flavour descriptors:
Vranec is a typical Macedonian grape variety. This Vranec Reserve is a dry red wine with intense dark red colour. It has lovely blueberry, cassis, tree fruits aromas and flavours and pleasant black plum jam tone. It is dark and rich, solidly built with a seamless, long-lingering finish.

Food pairing:
This wine goes excellently with all kinds of meats and traditional Macedonian and Balkan style meals at 18-22°C.

Wine analysis:
Total acid: 5.9 g/l
Residual sugar: 2.2 g/l
Alcohol: 14.2% by volume

A warm spring followed a moderately rainy winter, giving an early start to the  growing season. The rainfall was in normal amount and equally dispersed throughout the year. These conditions, which continued through most of the harvest season, fostered high-quality grapes and set a relatively easy pace for the vineyard and winemakers.

Vranec is picked in three harvests: from 23 to 25 September, from 4 to 6 October and from 8 to 10 October with the best possible indicators for sugar and acidity at optimum flavour ripeness. Grapes are hand picked by choosing the best bunches, and then packed in small crates containing up to 10kg of weight. This way of collecting the grapes, ensures total control over the fermentation process as the fruit remains whole. During the last harvest some dried grape berries were picked, combined with other features, it gave the wine some specific taste. 


  • 12 hours maceration in presence of enzymes
  • 10 days of controlled fermentation with specific regime of aeration
  • Malolactic fermentation to fine tune acids and textural balance followed by processes of fining and stabilizing
  • The wine is aged for 4 months in bottle before release 
  • Silver medal for Vranec 2005 -Wine Festival Vinoskop 2007 Skopje