Temjanika semi sweetTemjanika Sweet 2015

Tikveshija Vineyard Region, Demir Kapija

Varietals composition: 100% Temjanika

Flavour descriptors:
Temjanika Sweet is a sweet white wine with a distinctively yellow colour and aromas of white chamomile, honey and peach. Its sugar-dominated and long lasting taste gives this wine a charming and refined note. 

Food paring: It is best consumed at 12°C with chocolate desserts and rice pudding. Cheers!

Wine analysis:
Total acid: 5.6 g/l
Residual sugar: 68,2 g/l
Alcohol: 12,32% by volume

The season was extraordinary in many ways, it was the warmest, certainly the earliest and without doubt, one of the best for fruit quality. We experience unusual warm temperatures in February, followed by cool temperatures in March, which was ideal for flavour development. The summer was long; extremely hot offering potential for developing higher sugar levels than usual. The fruit is hand harvested by end of August with high grape sugar levels. The grape is carefully picked at its optimum ripeness and packed in crates.


  • Chilling the grapes
  • The fruit is crushed and destemmed while preserving the temperature below 12°C
  • Pressing
  • Must clarification
  • Fermentation while controlling the temperature
  • Fermentation is stopped with cold when it reaches the desirable sugar level 
  • Processes of stabilizing and fining