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 We  look forward to welcoming you at Popova Kula Winery for a joint celebration of 1st of May.

Enjoy the lunch at the Popova Kula restaurant in combination with our excellent Vranec wines or join the party in the yard and enjoy the special menu in a wonderful atmosphere with an acoustic Macedonian band.


1. Menu - Lunch at the Popova Kula restaurant

Main course – Roasted lamb
Price – 890 mkd


2. Special menu for the yard party

Glass of wine Altan
Mediterranean salad (Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers white cheese, onion, olives, oregano)
Barbecue with potatoes
Chocolate cake 
Price - 750 mkd 
Promotion of:
Bag in box 3l Altan 600 mkd
Bag in box 3l Vranec 600 mkd

Special offers for the 1st of May:

- Special package for one night for two persons

- Special package for two nights for two persons

mobile.1:+389 76 432 630 
mobile.2:+389 76 432 640
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Be proactive! Choose the best place for your business meetings and conferences!

Popova Kula Winery offers ideal conditions for seminars, team-building activities, presentations, conferences ...

The Popova Kula Hotel offers unique experience to its guests with its distinct 33 different rooms and our restaurant
has a seating capacity of up to 60 people and the summer terrace has capacity of up to 80 people with the most fascinating view of the surrounding.
mobile1: + 389 75 432 600; 
mobile2 :+ 389 76 432 640
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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

Buy our wines on-line in the USA!

Visit and choose your favorite wine from Popova Kula Winery.

Vranec Victory 2015 is a wine made from late harvested grapes from estate owned vineyards that perfectly highlights the uniqueness of the terroir of the Popova Kula micro-location.
This is a semi-sweet wine with natural residual sugar, coming from the grapes as a result of the late harvest, that is excellently integrated in the taste of the wine.
The color of this wine is incredibly deep and intense that in the best possible way reflects the very meaning of the name Vranec (Black Stallion).
The aroma is intense and fantastically complex with clear notes of cherry, blackberry, blueberry and aronia.
On the palate this is extraordinarily complex and rich wine with exceptionally full-body, where again, as you would expect from a premium wine, emerging are notes of cherry, blackberry, blueberry and aronia. The tannins are rich but incredibly soft, velvety and well integrated.
It has extraordinarily high wine acids that are powerful, not uncomfortably highlighted but at the contrary very well integrated and provide a very pleasant feeling of freshness.
The alcohol is high, but is also well fitted and does not separate as a side smell.
Unexpectedly for a wine with such a dominance and power, Vranec Victory is amazingly well balanced, fascinating elegant, harmonious and drinkable wine.
The aftertaste is remarkably long.
All in all, this is a fantastic wine, perfect expression of the possibilities of Vranec variety and one of the best ever produced in the 11 year history of Popova Kula.
Everyone in the Popova Kula team is very proud of having this Vranec and we are very happy to share it with the true wine lovers worldwide. Those who will consume it will remember and talk about it for a lifetime!  Cheers!