Chardonnay Barrique 2016

Tikveshiya vineyard region, Demir Kapija

Varietal composition: 100% Chardonnay

Flavour descriptors:
Chardonnay Barrique is a white wine with a shiny yellow-green colour. The wine offers up rich palette of aromas: ripe yellow fruits,pineapple, peach, shades of vanilla and white chocolate, distinguished on the basis of mineral purity. The taste is very well structured with great harmony. Flavours of butter, pear and fruit pudding stand out. It has a juicy finish and remarkable after taste that lingers with sensual maturity of barrique.

Food pairing:
This wine is best served at 12°C degrees with white meat and pasta dishes.

Wine analysis:
Total acid: 5.50 g/l
Residual sugar: 1 g/l
Alcohol: 13,48% by volume

The  season was extraordinary in many ways, it was the warmest, certainly the earliest and without doubt, one of the best for fruit quality. We experience unusual warm temperatures in February, followed by cool temperatures in March, which was ideal for flavour development. The summer was long; extremely hot offering potential for developing higher sugar levels than usual. The harvest took place on August 26 in cool morning hours. Each vineyard was hand harvested at optimum flavour ripeness with the best acidity and sugar level indicators.


  • The fruit is crushed and destemmed
  • 6 hours cold maceration at 15°C
  • pressing
  • must clarification
  • Fermentation at 14-15°C with controlled aeration followed by process of fining
  • At least 3 months aging sur lie in oak barrels
  • bottling


  • Silver medal for Chardonnay Barrique 2007 - Wine Fair Mostar 2009
  • Award for Chardonnay Barrique 2007 - Wine Fair Split 2009